23 June 2015
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23 June 2015,

This months guest Blog is all about Skincare. We are Confidente don’t claim to be professionals in anything but Hair so that’s why each month a Guest Blogger will bring all types of valuable tidbits to you about an array of diverse topics. If you’re interested in being a Guest Blogger don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Ashvinie from An Experience Beauty Clinic shares her knowledge below –


We all want beautiful skin for a lifetime which doesn’t happen overnight that’s for sure! There is however a great deal one can do to maintain the appearance of beautiful skin and that starts with cleansing your skin.

Let’s be honest!!

Not many lean towards following a night time skin routine for lack of time but we must make time for our skin. Cleansing, eye serum and nourishing at night are important as your skin regenerates and your products work better. It is tempting to fall into bed without cleansing your face but this is the worst thing you can do. If you sleep in your makeup, bacteria and pollution from the day will cause endless skin problems. The solution is in your hands! The best time that we advise to cleanse at night is when you get home and change into your relaxing clothes. Cleanse your skin twice and don’t forget again in the morning. Ensure the cleanser you use is correct for your skin condition. Your evening skincare routine is as important as your morning.

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