6 Tips for Healthy Hair

//6 Tips for Healthy Hair

6 Tips for Healthy Hair

Want to take your hair from dry & ratty to long and lush?!






  Now this is a well nourished mane…




We all know that there isn’t an instant fix but with a combination of doing the right things to care for your hair, you will see a dramatic improvement. Styling products can mask damage however following a few tips below will set you on the right path to healthy hair.


1. Protect you Hair

Do you swim laps every morning? Have you just spent the last month in Bali?

Are you sports mad and always in the sun?


Just like your skin, your hair takes a beating from the elements. A leave in conditioner with UVA & UVB filters are ideal for protecting your colour and ensuring the sun doesn’t zap away moisture.

If you’re a swimmer, apply an intense masque to dry hair prior to slipping into the pool so that there is a barrier between your hair and the salt water/chlorine. Hair is like a sponge, if it’s already wet, it won’t be able to absorb much more meaning less damage and a treatment at the same time to boot.


2.  Be Gentle with Wet Hair.

Do yourself a favour and be gentle with wet hair. We love Tangle Teezers for this reason. These small brushes the size of your palm, glide through the hair and flex, this way they don’t stretch the hair and therefore it doesn’t break! If you don’t have a Tangle Teezer, a wide tooth comb is okay, but remember to start at the bottom and work your way up. Nape of the neck to the top your hair head, likewise ends of your hair then up to the root area.


3.  Condition only the Mid lengths & Ends

If you have the correct product selection (we love Oribe!), then the conditioner won’t be too heavy for your hair. Remember your natural oils will nourish your scalp, so you only need to apply your conditioner to the mid lengths & ends of your hair. At least 2 – 3 inches from the scalp.

Applying conditioner correctly nourishes your hair and doesn’t flatten your hairstyle.


4.  If you’re a lover of Straightening Irons/Hot Tongs or a Hair Dryer – you must read this…

Apply some form of heat protection. (We love Kevin Murphy Damage Manager). This ensures that you have a protective layer between the hair shaft and your heated appliance. Heat protection products are rarely Sexy. No one gets excited about using them but that’s not the point, if you skip this step, you’ll wonder why in 6 months time, your hair is dull, dry & split.


5.  Dry Hair gently

The best way to dry hair is to leave it wrapped up in a towel or hair chamois for as long as possible. Then gently blot or squeeze the moisture out. Never rub roughly with a towel as the friction roughs up the hair cuticle. This leaves the hair looking dull as light doesn’t reflect as well off a rough surface. Or it can lead to breakage on damaged hair.


6.  Of course a healthy diet is also a must!

We’ll leave this part to a Nutritionist for best advice, however fruit, veggies, nuts & fish are a great start.

Later in the year, we’ll have a guest blogger that specializes in Nutrition – stay tuned


 Tangle Teezers below


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