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 A Confidente Career

Are you a skilled haircare professional looking for a career rather than a job? Are you the sort of employee who will go the extra mile for our clients? Are you looking to be paid like the professional you are? If you answered yes to all three of the previous questions, then read on.

Confidente was started in 2008 by Rebecca Keogh and Justin Keogh after they noticed a lack of service and professionalism being displayed throughout the haircare industry. After many years serving in hair salons of all kinds, training over 150 apprentices and working as a colour company technical specialist, Rebecca realised that the final result for clients was suffering due to salons trying to process as many customers as possible at once. Rebecca herself had at times been expected to service up to 5 clients at once! This just does not work.

At Confidente we are committed to the ultimate haircare experience and we believe that this can only be achieved by focusing on the clients needs one at a time. So our stylists work strictly one on one with our clients to deliver industry leading results time after time.

Our work is deeply respected throughout the industry and has seen us lead the way at Melbourne Fashion Week, sporting and entertainment Galas and weddings as far afield as the South of France.

We offer industry leading pay rates and bonuses and offer a flexible roster that most employees dream of.  Our stylists are some of the highest paid in the industry and enjoy a quality of work life balance rarely afforded to hairdressers.

What we are looking for is the best of the best. A minimum of 10 years experience with the ability to both cut and colour to industry leading standards. Experience of hair extension work will be highly regarded but not essential. A strong work ethic and a can do attitude is mandatory.

We have employed stylists from Germany, France, England, Austria, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand and Canada as well the best Australians in the industry and we will continue to employ only the best.

Whilst we expect a high level of skill from our stylists, we are the first to recognise that hairdressing is a fluid industry that is always changing to keep pace with fashion, trends and technology. In order to stay up to date we never stop training, Whether it be with Rebecca or leading product reps, Confidente stylists are always at the leading edge of the industry.

Don’t mistake our desire to be the best with arrogance. We have from the start fostered an open and friendly team environment for stylists who see their job as an art and want to associate with like minded individuals. An attitude that you will see reflected in the employee testimonials below. In fact, when was the last time you saw an ex employee write a testimonial?

If you feel you have what it takes to be on the team we would love to hear from you. Please address you resume to –



I was employed as a Senior Stylist at Confidente from September 2015 to March 2016, before resigning to relocate overseas. While my time was brief working for Rebecca, I found her to be supportive, a very open communicator and invested in my success. There were opportunities for growth as a stylist, with many trainings in salon and external courses offered to me.

As a business woman, Rebecca is extremely driven and innovative in her approach which I found to be very inspiring and motivating. Rebecca was also open to taking on ideas from her employees to help improve our time at the salon, for the business and clientele. I learnt a lot from Rebecca not only professionally but on a personal level and am grateful for my time spent working at Confidente.



During my time at Confidente I was given endless opportunities to grow and develop my hairdressing skills further. My greatest achievement during this time was managing the staff and working closely along side Rebecca. Her business skills mixed with passion inspired me to turn up each day 100%.

I enjoyed working with innovative products and appreciated the stock system being prepared and abundant. Above all, the clientele was so varied it made each and every day fun. Thank you for my time at Confidente Rebecca, it’s been a highlight over my 17 year long career.


My name’s Kerry and I worked at Confidente in 2015. I was on a working Visa and over in Melbourne for a year and was so happy to land myself a job at Confidente. The 7 months I spent at the salon I thoroughly enjoyed, doing things from Melbourne Fashion Week to hair for the races.

I loved the concept of how the salon works and really hope to return and work for Becs one day soon.