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Hair Colouring and Correction

Service - includes treatmentSenior Stylist/Master StylistCreative Director
Partial Foils (T-Zone/Face Framing)140169
Half Head Foils177210
Half Head + Nape Foils205240
Full Head Foils - Virgin/New Client245270
Full Head Foils - retouch/regular client (6 - 10weeks)220250

Colouring is our specialty but we want you to have the result YOU want so Consults are free of Charge – and no obligations. Book Now to experience the incredible results we are famous for.

* Please note we include Post Colour Treatments in all of our colouring services. From a Colourists perspective – these gorgeous treatments even out the pH levels and shut down the hair cuticle to prevent creeping oxidation, which means great longevity of colour, thus it’s the professional way to colour. Prices above are therefore for the colour and treatment inclusive of GST.

For the average consumer – they make your hair look shiny, feel fabulous and give you longevity of colour! This means great value. In fact Confidente colouring clients need to colour their hair less often because we do such a thorough job.


Service - includes post colour treatmentSenior Stylist/Master StylistCreative Director
Balayage - soft face framing from135160
Ombre from 180210
Ombre with Root Stretch from235270
Toner with Colour (same day) from*3454
Toner in between colour appointments. from*5477


The Best Balayage hairdressers in Australia

The balayage hair colouring technique allows a hairdresser to achieve so many different looks and the looks achieved are incredibly low maintenance, making it one of the most popular colouring techniques for fashionable women. This technique does require hairdressers with skill, and that’s why you should come and see the team at Confidente if you’re considering getting your hair coloured. Our Melbourne hairdressers have the experience and talent to achieve a fantastic colour effect with the Balayage technique. In fact we are so well known for it people often ask if it is a “Confidente Balayage”.

* Ask in salon about our Balayage/Ombre packages.


Hair Colouring Correction


We are often called on to repair the work of less careful hairdressers due to the advanced skill levels of our stylists. We have a well earned reputation for repairing the repairable. Ask about our Gentle No bleach alternative to remove artificial colour – optimum condition of hair. You’ll love it!


Global Colouring  – Semi/Demi/Permanent (includes treatment)

Our colours contain soy proteins and soften the hair as well as adding shine. We control their strength through the use of a variety of developers so that you can decide if you want full grey coverage or a soft blend.

We also have an Ammonia Free Colour which is gentle and gorgeous. Don’t hesitate to enquire about which range is best for you.

ServiceSenior Stylist/Master ColouristCreative Director
Short global130155
Medium global150175
Long global170195
Extra colour3939
Ammonia free colour+ 10+ 10
Full Head powder lightener230250
Powder lightener retouch (bleach)180200

Ask us about our Gentle Colour Remover that doesn’t damage your hair, this incredible product removes only artificial pigment, no natural pigment whatsoever which means it respects the hairs condition.