Dr Abbie Cloherty – Cosmetic Acupuncture & so much more!

//Dr Abbie Cloherty – Cosmetic Acupuncture & so much more!

Dr Abbie Cloherty – Cosmetic Acupuncture & so much more!

This month, we’re blessed to feature the wonderfully passionate and talented Dr Abbie Cloherty.

A master in her field and a doctor with personality?!! What?! She’s the whole package…











Read on to be educated, amused and to enjoy a boost in your self esteem.


I Love My Job. Absolutely beyond anything else in this world (more than chocolate, ok maybe don’t make me choose between the two), however I love it.

I love that in my career, I have the privilege and benefit of watching people transform into themselves. I get to make women feel better about themselves and then watch them take over their worlds. It’s a pretty cool gig.


What do I do you must wonder?


Some people label me a Guru of Sass, Mind reader, Cool Bitch with Needles or The Vagina Whisperer, regardless of all these names I am a trained Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I use acupuncture and herbs to transform women’s faces, bodies and minds.

I use Chinese Medicine to change people’s lives.

I get the pure unadulterated joy of achieving real results with cosmetic acupuncture to create facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, puffy lips, tight jaw line, plush skin – visual actual fucking noticeable tweaking and improvements of your insecurities and flaws. Scaling back the stress, tiredness and worry that you have been shouldering for the past few years. Reminding you of the damn hot mess you are underneath it all and unleashing the real you to the world.

I believe the quote (and have seen it in action) –


‘When a woman is full, she feeds her family

When her family is full she spreads out and feeds her friends

When her friends are full she spills out and shares with her community

And then she changes the world’


I believe that a woman can achieve anything when she buys herself a fabulous lipstick or has her hair blow waved. The inner confidence emitted when you walk out of the salon feeling so damn fine, you smile at every stranger you pass, there is extra swagger in your step, your head held a little higher and with this boost to your confidence you innately achieve more. You expect slightly better behaviour from others around you and due to this inner power, you find that you extend your comfort zone and achieve more than on a normal run of the mill day and surprise yourself. The ripple effect from something so minor can be profound.

I give women this every day. It’s not just a minor boost injection. It’s giving you the tools and confidence to transform and be more YOU than ever before. Not only do you get to feel good, but you can look good too.

Better than Botox, less dangerous than fillers, longer lasting than lipstick.

The best part of facial rejuvenation and metabolism shaping with TCM (traditional chinese medicine), is that the treatment is totally and completely tailored to your unique constitution and health. So not only do you look young, more refreshed and sparkly, your health improves simultaneously.

So let’s eradicate those livery frown lines and ALSO why do you frown all the time? Why is that your go-to facial move? Lets also enhance the liver system so that you are more relaxed when coping with change and less reactive to stress. So in the future you actually frown less, since we have plumped out your wrinkles you won’t be reinforcing those little frowning movements in the future. The Chinese were very clever in their creation of medicine, it is over 4,000 years old so they have got some things right especially when it comes to facial diagnosis.

When ‘treating’ cosmetic, the best part is that the acupuncture points used  for eradicating weight, sculpting fat, to tighten sagging lines or encourage collagen and elastin production are also very strong acupoints for psychological conditions, there are quite literally ‘feel good’ points. And when you feel good, your look good. Two for one!

What really blows me away every time and gets me the most excited about facial rejuvenation, other than the looking naturally phenomenal part, is that the soul and personality exudes and radiates as treatments progress. Not only is your face tightening and becoming dewy, but also your eyes are sparkling with your true essence of who you are. It’s like being polished so that your insides can be expressed through your features.  You are a diamond I get to polish.

Sounds really strange, but think about the most beautiful women you have ever seen, it’s not necessarily their striking features that draw you into them, there is an aura or femininity that exudes from them.

Personally this specialty of TCM changed my life when I was completing my internship in a Chinese hospital and saw first hand the physical changes alone as one of my superiors was treating weight loss and face rejuvenations. After eating everything that I had come across in China (and retaining at least 8 kg in my first two weeks there alone) I put myself on the line to prove this experiment. I have always hated my body shape, happy with my weight, fitness and health.  But my shape and malnutrition looking podgy tummy had never changed regardless of exercise, starvation or food elimination – and I have been in health for 10 years!

Fuck me, my tummy went flat – And STAYED flat. I have never been heavier but my body shape (in my mind) is hot!! I’m happy, even on my fat days (because yes we all still get them) I still emit confidence.  I still look at myself in the mirror and look at my other qualities and know that people will see those over my fat insecurities and my fat tummy, is now a flat tummy. YESS!!!

It has completely changed my mentality, state of approach to life, my confidence and dysmorphic perspective of myself. I am so much kinder to myself and achieve more because I am less hard on myself. Something so small to others and the world around me and such a mind control fuck inside my head – GONE. I have so much more space inside my head now that I don’t have to worry about that anymore.  Now I can get on and worry about other things, like which colour I’m going to try and when I should colour my hair next. Let’s go somewhere new, or sit a new exam/qualification – because how hard can anything be when I feel fabulous?

It’s been years and my tummy is still flat, I have a healthy BMI  (and I hate and refuse to exercise that involves any type of sweat!) and I eat and drink without calorie counting or missing out on dining with friends.  (And please don’t interpret this as I have a cross fit body, no. Just a normal, soft, healthy physique that I really enjoy, we only have one body – we may as well learn to love it).

When you feel good, you treat yourself better, the chemicals in your brain change and your cravings alter. Your brain isn’t craving shitty sugary refined carbs/junk food for minor bursts of sugar filled serotonin (feel good factor) without the junk.  Your feel good “fuck yeah I look good” factor is fueling those chemicals themselves and over time – if  you have a minor binge on crap – you will immediately feel what that does to your system and the downer that it actually creates and so you will not be inclined to repeat it, purely because you like feeling good and will continue to treat yourself so that you DO feel good. Win win! Without anybody sitting over your back watching what goes into your mouth.

You and your body knows what is best for it, it’s my pleasure to reintroduce you to yourself.

Balance, equilibrium and homeostasis.

Dr Abbie Cloherty


1430 High St


PH: 0481 825 525

Abbie is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. She is a registered practitioner with the Chinese Medicine Registration board of Australia, and an accredited member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She has trained in China, as well as continuing education and training in Hong Kong, France and New Zealand.

Combining her experience and knowledge in Western and Chinese Medicine along with her caring and sensitive approach to patients, Abbie is confident in achieving real, long lasting positive health results for the best version of you.  To express the best version of yourself includes the specialised facial rejuvenation (Cosmetic Acupuncture), which holistically reverses the aging clock whilst maintaining the dignity of the wisdom one has obtained in their life.

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