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Tape Hair Extensions Melbourne

Do you want to achieve a glamorous look with long tresses for a special occasion? Here at Confidente, we want to help you achieve the style you want, which is why we offer i tip and luxury micro bead hair extensions along with tape in hair extensions at our Melbourne salon. These are great for clients who want to achieve longer or thicker locks as they give a seamless appearance that match perfectly with your colour.

We only use the best quality products.

100% pure Remy Extensions – double drawn

Our products and application methods will not damage your tresses or scalp and are applied by certified extension technicians. All of our methods are re-usable, meaning you save in the long run.

Extensions are used to create luscious lengths and also to fill in areas of the scalp that need a little extra oomph. They can be applied as a full head, 1/2 head or feature, to focus on a specific area (i.e. an asymmetrical bob). Whether you are looking for a lifestyle change or want to create a beautiful bridal hairstyle for your big day, we can cater to your needs.

Damage-free hair extensions that are safe, comfortable and rich in moisture

We offer wonderful i tip hair extension. The tip of these hair extensions are Keratin, an insoluble protein (the chief structural constituent of hair and nails) that is full of natural oils to help provide a protectant shield. No heat is used and the flat bond application method allows your technician to apply with the natural fall of your mane and to follow the natural shape of your head to ensure bonds aren’t visible.

Your choice in hair extensions should be made relating directly to the end result you wish to achieve. Our stylists can guide you with colour, length and the best method to suit as we select products that are matched to the individual to ensure a natural look.

More interested in tape hair extensions?

These are the quickest application for Melbourne clients who have limited time. Fantastic for adding length quickly.

Tape hair extensions need to be topped up every 5 – 7 weeks in our Melbourne salon depending on how fast your hair grows. See prices below for all methods.

A free consultation with a Confidente stylist at our Melbourne salon is necessary to colour match your tresses prior to your extension application appointment as well as to ensure you receive your desired result.

* A $250 non re-fundable deposit is required for all hair extensions, plus our clients enjoy 10% off all aftercare products on the day of your hair extension application. Enjoy!


All of these prices include an initial complimentary cut to blend the extensions into your own natural locks. Should you change your hairstyle or have your extensions trimmed in the months following application, we offer a reduced haircut price of $75 for our clients.

ServiceTape Micro bead
Full Headfrom 670from 1350
1/2 Headfrom 430from 760
Maintenance from 310from 240

Discover the benefits of luxury micro bead hair extensions

Luxury micro bead hair extensions are the creme de la creme. They are applied individually with a micro bead, which makes them far less detectable than the standard beads while adding rich fullness.

These gorgeous extensions stay thick at the bottom of the strands and are re-usable. In our opinion, these are the absolute best on the market and feel and look amazing and are the perfect choice for fine hair. The end result is thicker hair and you can add plenty of length. Yes, you can re-use them time and time again – what more could you want?

As for which method is best, it’s personal preference, budget, time you can allow for maintenance, along with a great consult.  The following questions are a great place to start –

How long is your natural hair?

How long do you want your extensions to be?

Is your hair fine, medium or thick?

What is the texture of your natural hair? (Curly, straight, wavy…)

What is your head size?

Do you want it to look natural or have a flash of fantasy colour?

Do you wear your hair up often?

Are you a regular swimmer?

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