Men’s Hair 2016 – The Undercut, Fade & Taper are here to stay!

//Men’s Hair 2016 – The Undercut, Fade & Taper are here to stay!

Men’s Hair 2016 – The Undercut, Fade & Taper are here to stay!

2016 is still going strong and men’s hair is still nice & clean.

Is a great fade the equivalent of a woman’s red lipstick? We think so!!


Below are all fade haircuts but variations, we’ve stuck generally to very wearable versions.

If you love a particular cut, don’t be afraid to show your Stylist a few images that have caught your eye as from there, they will ensure that it’s correct for your face shape and features along with your hair type and you’ll be rocking that new look in no time…


Silver FoxWho doesn’t love a good Silver Fox?

This is a great interpretation of a wearable fade with length left in the top.


A great haircut that is easy to manage every day.





hi fashion


This is a more high-fashion defined version than the above on straight hair. The clippers are taken low with a strong fade to the skin and blended high above the temples.


Not for the faint of heart, this is eye catching and requires a good blow out in the front where the shape is that of a pompadour.



(A pompadour in layman’s terms is simply swept back at the front with lots of height and generally a full rounded shape).


everyman polished


This is a paired down version with a strong shaved part & swept softly to the side. A cut such as this does need to look sharp which means being cut every 4 weeks.


When kept in shape it is easy to style and can be worn smooth with not a hair out of place or a little relaxed and tousled as shown.








Dare I say, the Coporate Fade?!  Well wash my mouth out, no one is “corporate” we are all individuals. Well yes but Monday through Friday, perhaps you dress a little differently to the rest of your life…

Nice, clean and masculine, easy to style, suitable for many hair types and a hit in the office without being too hipster.


Call it what you will, traditional, corporate, clipper cut with fade.

Just make sure you regularly have your neck hair sorted!


too far

Too far?!!


We couldn’t resist… well executed though!  😉







nice than a head shave

If you have a strong jawline and like low maintenance, this fade can be the ultimate. More flattering than a head shave and much more on trend, this cut is the ultimate in masculinity and can be used to hide a receding hairline.

Don’t hesitate to give this one a try…






less dramatic


Last but not least is the textured top with only a subtle fade through the nape and around the ears. This cut looks soft and undone due to the nature shot (?!) yet can look polished with a suit jacket.

Good for those who want to spend only 5 minutes each day styling their hair. This one works really well with one of our favourite products – Kevin Murphy FreeHold.

It’s a great way to grow out length and still look polished.



Not sure what you want?! Come in for a free consult.

We love Men’s Cuts.

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