Our Philosophy is Service

What is Confidente? Confidente is a business based on a philosophy of service. A unique hairdressing experience where the only customer that matters is you and excellence can be expected.

How can we say that? It’s simple. We are a studio Salon. We service only one client at a time. No sharing your stylist with 4 other clients while they race through the service eager to get you to the check out.

Our business is about guaranteed outcomes and this is only possible when you have the stylists undivided attention and care. Our stylists are ultra experienced and highly vetted professionals dedicated to this philosophy and to giving you the outcome you have asked for – not the haircut they think you should have. Equally if you are unsure of the direction you wish to take you can trust our stylists to bring you a look you will be proud of and we have the catwalk experience to back this up.

We back our stylist up by providing them with only the very best tools available for the job and beyond. Our Stylist will take the time to show you how to best maintain the stunning outcomes they produce long term, so you get great value as well. We see our clients less often than other salons because our work lasts longer when maintained as instructed.

Throughout all your dealings with us you will find that we are fanatically committed to maintaining healthy hair. What does this mean in reality? It means that we will say no from time to time. We will say no in order to stop you making a mistake that will be damaging and costly to fix later. Whether it’s an unachievable colour or an unsuitable product our stylist will always put the right decision ahead of a bigger profit.

We provide unmatched environments, oasis of elegance, beauty and style. We seek always for our clients to experience a relaxed, friendly and professional environment working with the best stylists in the country to exceed their expectations and if our testimonials are anything to go by, we deliver. Feel free to visit our Awards page if you want to see what other professional organizations think of our standards of service.

If you have had enough of marketing hyperbole and want to experience the best hair salons in the country we are waiting to hear from you. When you talk to us you will be talking to the owners. Each and every time.

If you are ready to experience the Confidente difference we look forward to meeting you soon.