Pure Protein is Here – new in 2015 !

//Pure Protein is Here – new in 2015 !

Pure Protein is Here – new in 2015 !



The Ultimate in Rescuing your Hair at an affordable price!

We are so excited to be offering this amazing hair product that is absolutely unique and something you won’t find anywhere else. This special formula penetrates deep to the hair’s core and is better than traditional salon protein treatments plus longer lasting.

Prices range from $ 65 – $ 130

See Latest News Page for Current Packages or ask in Salon.


Coloring your hair, adding highlights, straightening or curling it… even blow drying will damage hair over time. Hair can only take so much. Add to that post birth hair, or post chemo plus most medications & the hair’s strength is massively reduced.

How does this product work? – Pure Protein fills in all of the places where the natural keratin has been damaged and chipped off, leaving “open wounds” on the hair shaft. Those raw places leave the soft cortex exposed,  then the hair shaft either splits, or just breaks completely. Split ends will often travel up the hair shaft and break much higher than where they originated. Processed or damaged hair will just break constantly and some might feel as if their hair never grows.

Unlike the Brazilian and other salon keratin straightening treatments, there is no long process of drying and straightening and then letting it cure for days after a treatment. And this will NOT STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR. Our collagen treatment is very simply a process to repair damaged hair.

These treatments are a wonderful program/journey into Healthy Hair.

The average head of coloured hair will only need 2-3 treatments, those that are quite heat damaged 3 – 4 and anyone with lots of breakage 4 – 6 treatments.   Free consults available




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