Radiance in a Jar!

//Radiance in a Jar!

Radiance in a Jar!

timthumb  I’m in love with this Product!

Environ Intensive Revival Masque.

Who loves a standout product that you notice results with very quickly? Lots of us, I’m sure.  I’m not even a product junkie…well that’s a white lie, I have a ridiculous amount of hair product, but that’s to be expected, I am a Hair Stylist!


Every now and again though, you use something that you just must share with others & this is it.  (See pic)
If you’re interested in Skincare, read on…


Let me begin with my age, I’m in my mid thirties (so in my prime, not fighting the ravages of time) yet certainly not 19 years old and I need a little help these days.

I still break out, often have bumpy skin and lack the glow of my early 20’s. Recently I had a facial and I do this semi regularly which helps.  At the end of my visit, my therapist thrust Environ’s Revival Masque into my hand, “You need this,” was all my lovely therapist said, I trust her implicitly and throughout the treatment Ashvinie had mentioned the benefits so I knew why it was going to help. It was then explained to me that I could leave it on for 20 minutes & tissue off or sleep with it on at night. Sleeping with it on at night appealed to the busy woman in me and so this is what I have been doing.

Within days of using it (yes days?!), my skin is looking smoother and has a radiance about it.

A radiance that says, I’m relaxed and may have taken a holiday – I adore it!

It’s just too damn good not to share….

This is where I purchased mine –  http://www.anexperience.com.au/products.htm


For the ingredient junkies, it has Asiatic acid to regenerate the skin, along with Mandelic & Lactic acids to promote hydration and assist with uneven skin tone.  Enjoy ladies!

I’d love to hear from others of all ages that use the Environ Masque and what you think of it?  Or any other stand out products.

Please do share your experiences in this post. Don’t be shy!


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