Stilling loving this Hair Length & Rosie!

//Stilling loving this Hair Length & Rosie!

Stilling loving this Hair Length & Rosie!

rosie Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had the CHOP 6 months ago and this classic cut is still going strong. Whilst some have opted to move from a Lob to a Bob as Rosie did months ago,  we still get asked all the time – How do I style this to keep it from looking too boring?

The secret to this, is getting the right cut to begin with. Your Hair Stylist needs to slice in some soft layers for movement so that you can achieve volume and ensure it looks a little undone.

From there, prep your hair with a flexible mousse (Oribe – Grandiose) or a Heat Protector with a memory (Kevin Murphy – Damage Manager) and blow dry in all different directions. A mid size round brush is the best tool for this so that you can create a kink. Finish by spraying in a texturizer – Oribe Dry is a must have!

If you’re no good with a Hair Dryer, apply a detangler (Kevin Murphy – Untangled) and blast your hair dry (nozzle on – no brush required). Then curl a few sections with a hot tong – the KEY is to rake your hands through it straight away (after you’ve finishing tonging), to pull out most of the curl and voila – You’re left with texture/movement/a little bed hair…   Doing this whilst the hair is still warm softly re-shapes your locks so that you’re not left with too much curl.

Oh & don’t even bother with the hair underneath, just focus on the top, this saves time, prevents sore arms and is more fitting with the finished result you seek = Winning!

Further more, this can be a great cut to hide a growing out fringe…need we say more?


Soon we’ll have a small hiatus from our Blog as we take a much needed Holiday however stay tuned for our Guest Blogger – Abbie who will share her passion for Acupuncture.



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