Who loves the Entertainment Book? Support a great cause.

//Who loves the Entertainment Book? Support a great cause.

Who loves the Entertainment Book? Support a great cause.

Have you been enjoying the Commonwealth Games?

So have we! We’re always proud of those that do well in areas that they love, from sports & artistic endeavours to career based progressions. To show our support for some of our clientele’s families, we would like to mention how well some of the students at Brisbane Boys College are doing through their Robotics Club.

Working in both Brisbane & Melbourne exposes us to so many wonderful people and their families.

Support the BBC Robotics Club and be rewarded with thousands of great deals for leisure and entertainment.

Robotics Club is an extracurricular activity that provides an excellent opportunity for BBC students to delve into the rapidly emerging world of robotics and to gain invaluable knowledge, skills and experience. Four teams have qualified to represent Australia in the RoboCup Junior World Championships in Montreal, Canada. The competition runs from 16th – 22nd June.

By buying an Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership and encouraging your friends and relatives to do the same, you will be making an invaluable contribution to the fundraising efforts of the Robotics Club Support Group. 

Funds raised are used exclusively to further aims and objectives of the Robotics Club by contributing to the purchase of additional equipment and to the costs associated with sending teams to compete in various regional, state, national and international competitions.

So if you love the entertainment book, please purchase here to help support these intelligent passionate young boys.


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